Montefiori hummingbird collection. Italy designed like new condition.
Norleans China Set (japan) Theresa Collection.8 Dinner Sets (Plate, Bread plate, Salad bowl, Soup Bowl, Dessert Plate, Tea cup, Saucer) Also Large serving platter, Large sertving bowl, Sugar baol, cream bowl
Theresa collection. Norleans China (japan). 8 Dinner sets (Dinner plate, bread plate, salad plate, soup bowl, dessert bowl, tea cup, saucer) Also Large serving Platter, Large Serving Bolwl, Cream Bowl, Sugar Bowl %2 pc. Exellent Condition
Bought in an antique store in 1994. I have no idea how old it is. New house without a fireplace. It is 49" wide x 15" deep x 9" high. Light enough to move by yourself and heavy enough to stop a log from rolling onto the floor. Call 318-348-6957 or email silmonsteve@yahoo.com If needed to be shipped call or email me.
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